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Rent Is Too damn High Policy

Our policy is; "Clean up your backyard, before you clean up someone else. Which means, until the problems the people in every City, Town, and County are 100% resolved. Problems such as:

Hunger Crisis
Homeless crisis
Rent / Housing Crisis
Jobs Crisis
Sick People Crisis
Out of Business
Going Out of Business
Lost Our Lease

Until these crisis that are effecting the every day lives of the people are under control, we will not involved ourselves in politics as usual.

NYS is a War Zone and 5 years later our soldiers are still coming home in body bags. If the questionnaires you send us are not directed to issues listed above, please don’t send to us.

This Administration / Government stands for change. We believe, if you are to be different and to bring changes that will benefit the 180 different ethnic groups that reside in the State changed must first start with self. POVERTY, and the total destruction of a State caused by the issues (Crisis) listed above.

There is an estimated 20 Million people in the State of New York and nothing has been done to crate jobs other than relying on the Federal government for recourses when there are enough recourses in the State of New York for the State to be independent enough to carry its own weight. Our plan will crate more than 10 Million Jobs we are talking about bringing back Mama and Papa Stores, they vacated the State after being driven out by High Rent. We're going to bring them back.

How did we / Why are we having so many problems in the State of New York?

We Voted into Office the wrong people, and there is no other clear way to put it. The Democratic and the Republican Party has drifted far away from the needs of the people, they are more concerned about Party POWER. One having more power over the other, to gain control, and we the people re caught in the middle. Conclusion

We at the Rent Is Too Damn High Party are Democrats, who are just plain Fed-Up we are taking a giant step in trying to reform a Government that has failed to provide quality leadership for the people in the State of New York for so many years. In return they have drained the people of all of their recourses by:

Raising Taxes
Raising Rent
Raising Fares

The high cost of living the people in New York State was preventable. Leadership has a responsibility to make sure the people can provied a roof over their head and Money in their pocket. But that is not what going on at all they are looking to become Elected Officials for there own personal gain and other reasons other than for the people. Politics As Usual (we don’t think so)

With just the stroke of a ball point pin the Governor can change the direction of a State forever by creating jobs, Restoring Family Values, Reducing Rent, Cutting Property Taxes, making College Tuition FREE for 4 years for all New Yorkers (who meet the residential requirements), caring for our seniors by making Medication and Health Care FREE, Reforming our Prisons & Judicial System, Total Price Reduction, Price Control (price control by government is something we the people never wanted but…we have no other choice. After the attack on the World Trade Center, Greed and Opportunity took over and we must do this to bring a Government to the State of New York it never had. After we have took control of all that has been said and have past laws to prevent what has happen from ever happening again with the help of the voters we will set up a price control). The Rent Is Too Damn High Governor has one goal, crushing the existing crisis that has put the people in total hardship.

If you are paying attention to what is written there is no need for us to continue

If you have paid attention to what is written you would understand without questions

Thank You

The Rent Is Too Damn High Party, Chairman


Policy / Profile


"Rent Is Too Damn High"

We are fighting to restore the basic principals of life:

A Roof over your head
Food on your table
And Money in your pocket

Immediately following the attack on the World Trade Center Greed and Opportunity was born, and all of the above seems to have some how vanish. Of the many election we have had since that attack not one elected official has taken the bold move toward reducing the cost of living for the estimated 10 Million people who reside in the Boroughs of Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Queens.

The needs of the people are total being forgotten about, and there is no one to blame but the voters. Greed and opportunity has taken over and those who are behind this campaign only have one goal in mine and that is to "Run All Poor People, Out Of New York". There are many problems that need to be address but the main problem is:

People are not working (Unemployed)
People can’t pay the High Rent
People can’t afford to Eat;

a. Breakfast
b. Lunch
c. Dinner

We no with the right elected official voted into office the pain and suffering of the many people living under poverty would become a thing of the past. When we say Rent Is Too Damn High and there is nothing else to talk about, that is exactly what we mean. If you have any understanding about Economics and the Value of a Dollar you would easily understand our goal. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to restore and or bring back the basic principals of life for people who only want to be able to provide for there families.

The situation of people is now critical, 5 Hundred Thousand people living under poverty has left this City and has move to another, but some 3 Hundred Thousand people has moved to New York from other countries that can afford the High Rent and the High Cost of living. The problem we have with all of this is they are not citizens, so therefore they cannot vote.

We ask you to join us in this fight. We at the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, Movement, and Group understand the people we are here to represent don’t have any money to donate or contribute for this cause, but you must try?

There are many ways you can help;

You can help by going to our web site downloading information of things people have said about us.

E-mail information about our goal and our intent to everyone you can.

Put signs in the windows of your cars

Volunteer, you create a way to explain it to others how important this mission is.

Becoming an Elected Official has now somehow become an Avenue for the Rich. The avenue of becoming rich for them was either by luck or by investing. Taking a chance Gambling in anyway winning or loosing becoming wealthy, is far different than understanding the needs of the people, because people are not a Product nor are people Merchandise they can not be bought and sold, but the people in every election since the attack on the World Trade Center have been. They have made no attempt to Combat against the High Rent neither the High Cost of Living.

We hope the Voters in the next election have learn a lesson from the past elections. We at the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, Movement and Group are not politicians we have come together young and old alike to fight for the many young men and women future. A future that now we see at a dead end, a dead end in every category you can think of;(For Example)

Reproducing the next generation, the sperm count in many of our young men and women is now at an all time low, which means there Gene will go Extinct. That’s how critical this situation is, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner a vital source for the Human Body. People living under poverty can’t afford the proper amount of Protein and Nutrition to fight off the many bacteria’s and diseases we come in contact with daily this has created an Health Care epidemic where the Rich Elected Officials voted into office. They have no idea what to do they are totally is disarray, we’re not.

(With your help we can turn this around)

We at the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, Movement and Group no what caused these problems and we no how to Fix and Solve them. There are two things that come into mind we hope you'll remember.

you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife.

you can’t make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Which means don’t look for any Rich person running for public office to understand the needs of the people we are here to represent;

One paycheck away from being homeless

Working 8 hours a day / 40 hours a week and a 2nd or 3rd Job giving all your hard earn money to the landlord for Rent

Criminal Landlords, landlords with criminal records being given the right to have access to a tenant Social Security Number

Landlords who refused to comply (DHCR) housing laws, Registration of building, Security Deposit where a bout and returning Interest of Security Deposit to tenant.

We found fault in the system of giving landlords the right to violate tenant’s rights in every category. We found the entire system to be a complete failure.

Rent Guideline Board
Rent Control Board
Rent Stabilization Board

These Boards must be abolished under our proposals they will be given a New name;The RENT BOARD

(If you take money from a tenant you are a landlord)

A Rent reduction will be put into effect and those who refuse to comply with the Rent Is Too damn High rent laws will be force to, jail time if necessary. No one will be allowed to put any tenant in the position of thinking they have a place to live and then turn around and try to evict that same tenant with no where to go. Using Tactics and Schemes such as;

The Building has been Sold

To the tenant we say the landlord selling the building has nothing to do with you the law still apply you're on a lease. the only information you need to no is the new address of where you sent your rent to now? all information about you are past on to the new landlord by the old landlord. information such as:

the banks name of where your security deposit is

the new landlord can only is raise the rent by the required amount by law when the lease is up. For more information about your right as a tenant read this (click here) NYS Rent Laws learn tenant rights.

The new landlord must still comply with the rent laws set by the boards. Landlords owe tenants approximately 6 Billion Dollars in Security Deposits. Tenants who have moved dating far back as in the (c1970’s). Rent Reduction, A rent reduction will take place there is no question about it, here is how and why. Because following the attack on the World Trade Center rent exploded, from 2001 to current 2007 New Yorkers are paying rent 5 times of what they were paying in the year 2000. The amount of rent any tenant should be paying should be no more than $790.00 per mo.

But because landlords have continually refused to comply with the (DHCR) laws a Cap will be place on rent meaning tenants will and should be paying no more than $550.00 per mo in rent. We can not trust landlords to do anything on there own, they haven’t complied since these rules been in effect so we will take the necessary steps to restore suability and ensure tenants you will not be forced out this City. If the building you live in were built before 2001 your rent should be no more than $790.00 per mo. we will force a rent reduction we have strong evidence against the State of New York supporting;


and every Constitutional violation that comes with being discriminated against. We have the evidence, and can back it up and can prove it at any time. Once you learn the truth it will be up to you the voter to help us turn this State around.

Landlords didn’t failed to register there building they never wanted to do it from the very beginning, reason IRS. Registering there buildings only would have meant one thing, (all they money they received from a tenant would have to be reported), not only would they be found guilty of income tax evasion, they would be found guilty of tax fraud.

Why a Rent Reduction?APARTHEIDS

New York State supports APARTHEIDS if you can’t see it you are apart of the problem. If you see something say something, then why are you turning your head looking the other way, we fought hare to end it in South Africa only to watch it emerge and gain strength to be reborn in New York. The existence of APARTHEIDS is real. The Re-Birth of APARTHEIDS is a real reality in the State of New York.

We restrain our selves from going into details because of where it exists. We tried to in the past only to be distracted by negative comments. Comments that took the attention away from the cause of what the Rent is too damn high fight was really about. We learned a good lesson this time we will not be distracted. The existence of APARTHEIDS in the State of New York has brought Shame and Disgrace to America. America being under attack gave the APARTHEIDS movement the breathing room they needed to swing into action, actions that are riddle with Discrimination and Hate. Soldiers returning home from the war has fallen the hate that flows with APARTHEIDS. Soldiers who put there lives on the line for this country have and is being rejected a place to live because APARTHEIDS will not allow them to, so we urge you to join us in this fight. State and City Officials refused to address the seriousness of this issue / matter because of who is behind it and where it is located and is.

New York has laws on the books laws that has been on the books for decades such laws as the "Hate Crimes Act", and so dose the Constitution. We don’t need any new laws on the book to protect people from any wrong doing others may bring upon them in anyway, because the Constitution dose that atomically, so what’s the problem?

Elected Officials, that now we don't have. There are people voted into office but they are just there, because they were voted into office.

Leaders are born not created, a real leader has the vision to see, to prevent. All of this and more we bring with us, we hope you support our cause.

Our Housing Homeless Emergency Bill will cover every area when it comes to providing for tenants. Restoring the basic principals of life is our goal, there is nothing difficult about what we are here to do it’s as simple as getting through to you. Will you Join Us.

Rent Is Too Damn High, and there is nothing else to talk about.

On A Personnel Note

New York States behavior to me is a reflection of the past, where in every City Town and County every family owned a Slave (if you no what I mean). I remember reading an article in the Newspapers in the early (c1970’s) that read "We Are Going To Run All Poor People OUT Of New York".

Someone want me to forget Slavery every took place, someone want me to forget the people held in captivity against there will off springs have no reason to complain today about the horrific living conditions our ancestors where forced to live under then during the time of Slavery, conditions in a systematic way we are force to live under day, a condition we call today "Systematic Slavery".

Systematic Slavery, yesterday it was only the NEGOR, today it is 178 of the different ethnic groups that reside in the State of New York fighting for a place to call home, fighting for a place to raise there families. The fight in the State of New York has taken a dramatic shift the fight to have a Slave in every house hole is history, but the fight for Religious domination is a real reality in such a way the worse is yet to come.

We will keep you posted.


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