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9/11 - Chinatown and Lower Manhattan Residents Health Epidemic Are Being Ignored by: a. Federal
b. State and Local Authorities and Officials
(We are the STIMULUS for the forgotten residents of Chinatown and Lower Manhattan.)
The residents of Chinatown are the biggest victims of the World Trade Center tragedy (c2001). Day and night adults, children, and pets breath in the toxic fumes, drink the toxic water, are exposed to high levels of toxic air, and no one has shown any concern but us.
   1. Premature birth rate 99.9%
   2. Deform/ Disable children 98.2%
   3. Still born 95%
   4. Cancer rate 90%
   5. Male infertility- The sperm count in men is at an all time low.
   6. The death rate of Chinatown residents are greater than any number you can think of, and someone is keeping this silent,   
I want answers, now!



Change is coming to New York.

Our City Care program will pay for itself the rolling back of rent will generate $3 to $6 Billion Dollars in just 3 to 6 months.

The City is now in a $5 Billion Dollar deficit. We are confident this program will be a success. There are Government grants available in support of this type of program.

City Care’s propose is to uplift the spirit of New Yorkers who go to the Dentist for a root canel to only have their tooth removed because they can not afford it.

Change is coming to New York.

Landlord Tenant Court

With City Care the Judges in the Court room will have access to the following information?

  1. your address/ Phone No./ other personnel information
  2. how much you pay in rent
  3. if the landlord have “Violations”
  4. if the landlord “Registered” the Building
  5. what the last tenant paid in rent before you moved in
  6. ENT Care/ Dental Care
  7. all information about the landlord renting to you...
  8. Other.....

To qualify you must be a New Yorker;

  1. Proof of Residency
  2. DD214
  3. NYC tax statement. (that shows you are a resident of Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens.)  

There is so much more…

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